Quote is an action role-playing game about cleansing the world of knowledge.

Play as Novella, priestess of the God of Ignorance, Bliss, and her mysterious, gluttonous avian sidekick Tatters.

Brawl and sneak your way across a beautiful but ravaged world to sniff out the source of the corrupting wisdom.

Quote is inspired by traditional isometric adventure games, the works of revered authors such as Vonnegut, Bradbury, Eco, Huxley and the surreal art of Hieronymus Bosch.

A beautifully hand-drawn world based around the fragments of a past culture.
Dish out divine retribution in style with a frenetic but accessible fighting system
Explore the homes of this blighted world's inhabitants - sniff out corruption, solve puzzles to discover and unlock secret areas and stories.
A comic twisting story lavishly narrated throughout.
Discover persistent power-ups and practice your skills in the Infinite Library dungeon.
Over 20 unlockable powers allowing you to upgrade and purchase new abilities and special moves.

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Development Roadmap

  • Pre Alpha

    2013 - 2016
    Hiding in a cave (Pre Alpha):
    World and system building.
    “This won’t take too long”
  • First Draft - Alpha

    Late 2016
    First Draft (Alpha):
    Core systems development complete.
    First two Chapters available for a limited time.
  • Early Access - Beta (Early 2017)

    Early 2017
    Early Access (Beta):
    Remaining Chapters released over the duration of Early Access
  • Final Release

    Final Release!